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“The Business Whisperer…”!

Janet is the perfect coach and guide for this moment when we are inundated with an over-abundance of ego, celebrity and shiny gimmicks competing for our adoration. Her magic is of the quiet kind: so gentle and client-focused that at first it can seem mild or casual. But make no mistake; Janet works, with her light, modest, generous style at the deepest, most transformational level. And the results of her work are anything but mild. Anyone who has the opportunity to give themselves the gift of time with Janet, should run, not walk, to make it so.

- Kat Koppett



“You are a gift…”

Thank you Janet! Know that your work with us was pivotal. Thank you for being you. You are a gift.

- Hyacinth Mason

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“You are beautiful, generous of spirit…”

I give a lot of credit to your VB workshops, your retreat day on the Mohawk and your 1:1 exploring session with me where we worked with clay and writing out intuition for these turn of events.  You are beautiful, generous of spirit and operate at a high vibrational energy!  All good things come...

- Liza


“Thank you for this gift…”!

My mom bought me a vision board kit for my birthday and I had such an amazing time creating my board. I wanted to share the finished product with you. I hung it on the wall above my head so I can draw inspiration from it every day.

- Hannah Brower


“This was by far the best team building event I have ever been a part of”...

We recently had the pleasure of working with Janet. She came into our office and held a vision board session for my team. It was amazing! We spent 3 hours simply focusing on personal and professional goals with no distractions. She lead the group with grace and passion. This was by far the best team building event I have ever been a part of. Sharing your vision with others puts you one step closer to achieving your dreams! Thank you Hammock Way of Life!

- Alissa Sykes Tulloch, Sunmark FCU


“Thank you…!”

Hi Janet, I wanted to touch base and thank you for the excellent marketing workshop you gave here at Albany Public Library.  You passed along some really good information and ideas, which I think the audience will put to good use. Enjoy your journey toward the Hammock Way of Life! 

- Meg Maurer, Albany Public Library