Hammock Way of Life Vision Board Kit

Hammock Way of Life Vision Board Kit


We've worked with hundreds of coaching clients over the years and we realize that not everyone wants to share their vision publicly on a vision board. That's why we've created our signature Vision Box! Tuck all of your dreams discreetly inside. Starting a business you're not ready to share with the world yet? Secretly have a crush on someone you're not ready to tell your family or friends about just yet? Writing a novel that's not quite ready to be published yet? Instead of displaying on your wall, you can keep it on a shelf or take it with you. A truly unique style of Vision Board!

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All Vision Board kits include:

  • poster board

  • glue sticks

  • 1 scissor

  • 5 magazines

  • vision board checklist

Box cover images will vary. Further customization is available for an additional fee.