Coaching Success Story #1 - Jen Dugan, The Makup Curio

Each month, we will be highlighting a Hammock Way of Life LLC coaching success story.We're launching our business by highlighting the fabulous Jenn Dugan of The Makeup Curio


Jenn came to us as a recent graduate of Schenectady County Community College.

She created a vision board with us. At the time, she wasn't sure how she would monetize her business or where it would be located. She eventually quit her part-time job, found a location and this Saturday will be a part of Small Business Saturday. We hope you'll support her business by purchasing facial gift certificates, or pamper yourself, or purchase makeup, take a class and more. 

I’ve always been a pretty determined person. Ever since high school I can remember deciding on what I want and going after it. School, life, jobs, men. And I usually always get it, sometimes easier than others. It’s also one of those things that once I do make a decision, you will find it very hard to change my mind in accomplishing it. This determination has been guided by constant, daily, list and goal making. But I’m also impatient in getting what I want. It’s a character flaw that I recognize.

"Being a leader comes naturally to me".

I was a costume shop manager for five summers in my 20’s. As a costume designer for theater and film I had to work autonomously. My most recent job, before starting my own business, was as a retail manager for three years, leading as many as 25 during the busy season. When I turned 30, I realized didn’t want to do costuming anymore and I wanted more in my professional career.
Makeup artistry started with my very first professional costume design gig in 2004. It continued to follow me with every job I did. It’s presence grew until suddenly a fire erupted inside me where makeup, not costuming, needed to be my everyday. There is something about makeup that allows me to be completely free and creative, yet nurturing, while transforming a client, not just on the outside but inside too. I love and practice all aspects of makeup: beauty, theater, special effects, bridal, prom, face painting. This is what is now bringing me complete joy.



Why I Vision Board

I never realized how many resources and people were out there that wanted to see entrepreneurs succeed. That was clearly perceived as Janet’s passion from the moment I met her in December 2015. Success was possible for me because of knowing and working with Janet in Spring 2016. I left my full time, stable, decently paying job to start my own business. It was terrifying and exciting balled up together. The Makeup Curio started in August 2016. I had gone through four struggling months of up and down, profit and loss, spending all my savings, but having forward momentum, when I realized I needed a little more clarity and direction. Janet had talked about vision boarding in the time I had known her and I had always found it fascinating. I wanted that extra push, an unbiased professional guidance in moving into 2017. I knew that passion that Janet exuded is what I needed to fuel me in the new year.

Making My Dream
Come True!


As of August 2017, I’d say half of board has come to fruition for the year. Those that haven’t, I haven’t put effort into. Things that I have accomplished: completing an Aesthetics program and truly enjoying skincare, maintaining my uniqueness in business and self, seeing or participating in theater at least once a month, dabbling in body painting, reclaiming my love of wine, creating new business connections. What has not: fitness (though I have started that), love, travel and the high heels (though I know that will happen when I open my commercial space in a few weeks). I truly feel the reason what has come become reality is because of where my vision board lives. Hung above my tv, right next to my bedroom door, I walk by and see it multiple times a day. It’s next to me when I do my makeup in the morning. It’s right there when I’m sitting on the end of my bed putting my shoes on for the day. It’s hanging above the tv when I’m relaxing at night with my favorite show. It’s a wise painting that stands quietly in the wings, speaking to me ever so softly. It’s a constant daily reminder of what’s in my reach, what I desire to have, what I’m capable of having, and the accomplishments I have already achieved. And I need that. We all do.