Your Dream Life is Waiting!



Jen Dugan, Make-up Curio

"When I set up the appointment with Janet I thought it would just be about creating a collage, a real life Pinterest board.  While that was the end result, she created several exercises that helped guide me in getting to the actually getting there.  What did I really want to accomplish this year?  How was I going to do that?  What do I have surrounding me currently that I can utilize?  Prompt questions and brainstorming are just as important as execution.  I was once told by a profession in business school that 60% of accomplishing something is outlining/prepping/brainstorming, 20% is actual execution, 20% is revision/reflection.  This is why it was so important for me to have Janet guiding and pushing me in creating my vision board. Sure I could have taken an afternoon at home going through magazines and scouring the crap out of the internet by myself, but there’s something about having another person as a sounding board, to bounce ideas off of, that helps fully execute and create and drive you.  Janet has been that person ever since I met her". Read more of Jen's Story


"I give a lot of credit to your vision board workshops, your retreat day on the Mohawk and your 1:1 exploring session with me where we worked with clay and writing out intuition for these turn of events. You are beautiful, generous of spirit and operate at a high vibrational energy! All good things come..."


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