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Janet Tanguay, Owner and Dream Synergist,  Hammock Way of Life, LLC

Janet Tanguay, Owner and Dream Synergist, Hammock Way of Life, LLC

Janet Tanguay is a catalyst for helping creative entrepreneurs make connections.  She guides your inner growth process gently with no attachment by honoring and creating action steps to help you towards your dreams and goals so that you can live your best life.  She holds space for you and teaches you how to be gentle with yourself while also moving your ideas and plans forward.  This often leads to organically having the energy to give and serve the world to live your life purpose. 

Janet is the CEO of Hammock Way of Life.

Traci E. Alexander  Journalist | Media Strategist | Communication Specialist

Traci E. Alexander
Journalist | Media Strategist | Communication Specialist

Born and raised in Westchester County, Traci E. Alexander continues to serve her community by telling the "good news" stories about her neighbors in The Journal News. Her trailblazing work has made history and garnered national attention for her hometown in Westchester County by serving as the Executive Producer for both the unveiling ceremonies of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and the Westchester King Lifetime Achievement Award honoring the acclaimed activist, writer and Academy Award nominee, Ruby Dee. Dedicated to supporting her community, most recently, Traci was named Educational Program Chair for the American Heart Association's "GO RED for WOMEN." Traci seives on the Executive Board of Westchester's Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Traci is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, NYC Small Business Services (DEFO) Minority and Women-owned Business

Noted as the first African-American woman to anchor the evening news in central Louisiana for KLAX-TV, some of Traci's other television credits include, The Queen Latifah Show, Mantel Williams Show, The Danny Show, The Leeza Gibbons Show, Extra! The Entertainment Magazine, BET Tonight with Ed Gordon, BET's Meet the Faith hosted by Dr. Ian Smith and BET Nightly News with Jacquie Reid. Her work at BITs Meet the Faith garnered the NABJ Excellence Award and BET Tonight with Ed Gordon received the Cable Positive Award for producing a special series on "HIV Testing Day." Additionally, Traci served as the Talent Executive for BET Tonight's special coverage on the untimely death of R&B singer Aaliyah, which the program received its very first NAACP Image Award for an outstanding special. At the 2004 Democratic Convention, Traci received international acclaim for landing the first one-on-one interview with President Barack Obama, for BET, on the eve the Senator delivered his historical speech in Boston.

One of Traci's most eminent accomplishments is being afforded the extraordinary opportunity to share her career experiences by teaching media studies & journalism, communication theory, speech & public speaking and the art of debate to the next generation of scholars.

Because of Traci's commitment to finding alternative ways to help working mothers blend career and motherhood; she founded Mz. Mom, LLC, a network for professional women. Traci "aka Mz. MOM" is MyWorkButterfly's Resident Workstyle/Lifestyle Strategy Coach, the social networking site which features her blog, The Adventures of Mz. Mom & Friends. She is the founder and facilitator of Children Learn Mandarin Chinese at Iona College Program, moderator for Working Mother Media and former Managing Editor of Today's Child Magazine, the leading African-American parenting magazine.

Susan Axelrod, CCP  Confident-Life™ Coach | Confident-Life Workshops™ | Transition Coaching | Confidence Coaching for New Executives

Susan Axelrod, CCP
Confident-Life™ Coach | Confident-Life Workshops™ | Transition Coaching | Confidence Coaching for New Executives

Susan Axelrod, CCP, is the go-to Confidence Coach for Women. Specializing in working with women in mid-life who have spent decades doing for others...IT'S YOUR TURN NOW. What does 'my turn' look like? Using co-creative & co-facilitative coaching methods, Susan helps clients uncover the inspired soul within who is looking to live out the second half of life in a self-fulfilling and purposeful way. Susan doesn't give answers or advice. She works with clients to dig into their core, to explore the girl she was and the woman she wants to be for the rest of her life, personally, professionally, spiritually and physically. Using original Confident-Life ™ Tools, Susan helps women find the Clarity and Confidence they seek to live out a Best Life. She works with women in transition who declare themselves 'READY!' ...ready to GROW, ready to LIVE now and create a meaningful and lasting legacy. Motivational Speaking and Confident-Life Workshops™ available for work-teams and groups. Susan's contagious enthusiasm and deep listening skills sparks and motivates clients to get Confident and Thrive! 

Certified Coach Practitioner, through The Coach Training Academy [accredited by the International Coaching Federation and Certified Coaches Alliance].

Jennifer L. Bashant, Ph.D  Trainer, Coach and Motivational Speaker

Jennifer L. Bashant, Ph.D
Trainer, Coach and Motivational Speaker

Jennifer L. Bashant, Ph.D, LMSW, MA, Founder of Building Better Futures, LLC, is a trainer and consultant for schools and corporations across the country.  Dr. Bashant's mission is to strengthen companies and institutional organizations by improving communication, decreasing work stress and burnout, and creating positive work environments which lead to highly engaged and motivated employees.  She is extremely passionate about her work, which is conveyed by her high energy and enthusiasm in every presentation she gives. As a facilitator of adult learning, she believes that professional development should be interactive and collaborative, and her goal is for participants to leave feeling energized and excited to try something new, or to see things through a different lens!

Dr. Bashant is certified as an EQ-I 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence) and DiSC Leadership and Workstyles trainer. She uses these reliable and valid assessment instruments to help foster self-awareness and to strengthen teams and companies. Dr. Bashant is also a Mindfulness Coach and she uses her expertise in this area to help employees learn how to decrease stress from work and home, to create calmer work environments and happier, more resilient employees. 


Lisbeth Calandrino  Business Strategies | Customer Experience Management | Customized Training

Lisbeth Calandrino
Business Strategies | Customer Experience Management | Customized Training

Lisbeth’s business background comes from being a principal of a group that launched a seven store chain of retail furniture, design and carpet stores. She was responsible for developing sales, customer service and marketing strategies for the chain. Her experience has given Lisbeth the skills to help executives and business owners accelerate individual and organizational performance as well as navigate change. Her communication workshops help leaders develop the skills necessary to help their employees grow and create clearer goals. The bottom line is to create more efficient sales teams and profitable businesses.

She was one of the founders of Fabulous Floors Magazine, the only consumer floor covering publication where she is presently the Associate Editor and Vice President of Social Media. Lisbeth pens The Lisbiz Business Column for Floor Covering News and a blog on Success for The Albany Times Union newspaper. Her clients have included The Home Depot, The Lowe’s Companies, Greater Capital Association of Realtors, and hundreds of independent retail businesses. In 2017, she was named one of the Top Ten Influential People in the Floor Covering Industry by Floor Covering News.

Lisbeth served on the board of the Animal Protection Foundation, an advisor to The Blind Vendors Association, a prior member of NAWIC, The World Floor Covering Association, a speaker at The Remodeling and Deck Expo, Leading Suppliers Council of the NAHB, Coverings, numerous conventions hosted by Informa Exhibitions, the Marble Institute of America, Women in Stone and Women in Leadership Workshops, and the Capital District Human Resources Association to name a few.

Danielle Capwell   Creative Mindset/Life Coach, Albany NY

Danielle Capwell
Creative Mindset/Life Coach, Albany NY

As a Certified Transformational Coach I assist my clients through a series of clearing sessions that involve removing physical items from their living and/or working space. Once the physical space is clear an emotional component is often revealed, resulting in follow-up sessions including one-on-one coaching and 90 day programs.

The 90 day program focuses on 5 levels of clearing; physical clutter, technological clutter, food consumption, relationships, and finance. Each tier is intimately connected in such a way that a specific behavior in one area often predicts similar behaviors in others. The approach I take with my clients in tackling each tier is a combination of mindset coaching, thought ritual, and behavior change. The work I have done with my clients has resulted in the activation of deep inner work which has allowed each client to work through the mental barriers developed as a result of habit and conditioning. My goal is to continue to hold space for each client while systematically challenging and widening the possibilities of what each client is able to achieve.

My mission statement is a promise that each client will leave our sessions empowered with a greater sense of self regardless of the individual challenges that may exist. My promise is to better equip each client with new techniques and a daily thought ritual that will aid in up-leveling personal and professional growth. Each client who does the work will develop a clearer understanding that because they exist makes them relevant, expansive and capable beyond their own perceived limitations. This understanding sets the groundwork for forward motion in all areas of their life. 

I believe that only when we are consistent in creating a daily mental practice centered around thoughts that serve us might we be better equipped to lay the groundwork for forward motion in all areas of their life.

Showing up in the world exactly as I am each day allows me to demonstrate my resistance for the conventional path. By doing so, I hope to inspire those that may not understand the power of their “otherness" to not only persist, but to celebrate their "otherness" and the things that make them different. Because different knocks down walls, different is important, and what people do differently matters.

Gail M. Davis,  Director, Women's Brooklyn Enterprise Center (WBEC)

Gail M. Davis, Director, Women's Brooklyn Enterprise Center (WBEC)

For over twenty years, Gail achieved high levels of success in marketing and public relations which includes owning an award winning graphic design and marketing company, The Winning Image.  Some of her other accomplishments include effectively developing and implementing large marketing campaigns and public relations programs such as the inaugurations of the Micah Institute at New York Theological Seminary, the Berean Community and Family Life Center (the first of its kind faith-based medical facility in New York City); and the 30th Anniversary of the Local Development Corporation of East New York to name a few. Her designs can be seen in the street banners in the East New York Industrial Park and displayed in and on the exterior of The House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn.

Her passion for women’s issues has led her before women’s groups to facilitate workshops at women’s conferences, youth (girls) conferences and community forums. She understands the pressures or nuances of balancing family, running a business/work, trying to have a social life and participate in community or ministry events, and speaks to encourage and inspire self-care. As Director of the Women’s Business Enterprise Center in East New York, she inspires and assists women (in particular) to start, grow and manage their business.

Brandie Dingman

Brandie Dingman

Brandie Dingman is an Executive, Sociologist, Professional Coach, Adventure Enthusiast and Artist. As a trained Sociologist, Race/ Ethnicity and Gender/ Sexuality Scholar, Dingman is a Viking for social equality and begins with teaching, learning, and embracing difference. Working in Higher Education most of her life, she understands the power of awareness, self-reflection and self-development. Dingman is a Certified Professional Coach through IPEC. The joy of helping Executives, Individuals and Groups become inclusive high energy leaders and their best selves, in turn improves their institutional effectiveness in work, life and their communities. Furthermore, over 16 years of experience in Institutional Research, Assessment and Strategic Planning, provides clients greater decision-making capacity by using data to benchmark and catapult their organizations into the forefront of creating an inclusive diverse work place, as well as the ability to develop themselves, their employees and thosethey serve. Combined with willingness to explore new adventures, positivity, motivation, accountability, and the Art of Possibilities, she champions her clients believing anything you dream is possible.

Dc Dunkel,  Certified Life Coach

Dc Dunkel, Certified Life Coach

Dc Dunkel is a not only a Certified life coach but he is also a break through Facilitator. He travels the country from coast to coast and abroad as a motivational speaker; speaking on a variety of subjects such as overcoming adversity and pursing goals. Mr. Dunkel has a compelling way of working with clients; which is built upon breaking through to empower them to make positive changes in their lives. Clients are inspired by his honest way of working with each person to create exactly what they want in their lives and relationships. He reaches in to find the root cause of challenging issues and thinks outside the box to create transformation paradigm shifts. Mr. Dunkel is the proud father of two young boys and works with young fathers as well within his community. He life coaches and provides support to a full spectrum of clients ranging from underserviced and overlooked youth all the way to executive directors of highly respected organizations nationwide. One of his main focuses in his approach to life coaching is to spark an inner desire for a self-motivated brighter future within the clients he works with.

Sandy Goyer,  Empowerment Mentor

Sandy Goyer, Empowerment Mentor

Sandy Goyer, Owner and Empowerment Mentor at Confidently Yours!  A place where women can ‘Gain the Confidence they Need to Make the Changes they Want’.  Truly passionate about inspiring you, as a woman, to BE who you were always meant to be, BUILD your strengths and your Confidence and to BELIEVE that whatever you want out of life, you can have! So, if you are struggling with LIFE, LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS; if you WANT more out of YOUR LIFE; If you are ready to BE, BUILD & BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - in whatever area of your life you may be struggling in – it’s time to give her a call! She and her team of coaches are ready to help!

Carole Heaney,  Holistic Cancer & Integrative Health Coach

Carole Heaney, Holistic Cancer & Integrative Health Coach

Carole Heaney is a Holistic Cancer and Integrative Health Coach who helps you transform your fears about cancer into discoveries to live your best life. 

Cancer is cancer, but you’re still you!  Cancer generates fear and vulnerability that can feel more formidable than your cancer. As a coach, I work with you to focus on the parts of healing that the conventional healthcare system does not.  I offer a bridge to that gap of healing between your body and the often-neglected, mind and spirit during treatment, recovery and beyond.

Carole brings over 40 years of professional health care experience and her personal journey in healing to her work as a coach, facilitator and presenter. Carole uses a blend of creativity, self-care and holistic approaches to expand the potential for greater joy, inner peace and healing.

Discover new tools to awaken your inner healer and ways to live your life with confidence and peace. It is the synergy of all three that creates the healing force in becoming whole. 

You can contact Carole at 518-527-3043 or Visit her website at and take your Next Steps© to transform your fears into living fully.

Denise Horan

Denise Horan

Denise Horan, the founder and principal of Integrated Management & Sales Consulting, provides solutions to help organizations grow revenues, find new marketing opportunities and develop effective sales and management leaders. Denise spends her time coaching entrepreneurs, training sales leaders and teaching business development skills to attorneys and other non-sales professionals. For more than 25 years of coaching, consulting and training for growth and productivity. Horan is a member of The Consulting Alliance, The Circle Leadership Group and The Hudson-Mohawk Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development. Denise Horan serves on the board of the Women’s Employment & Resource Center. Horan is a member of The Executive Women’s Golf Association/ LPGA Amateurs and has served on their board for most of her 18 year membership. Horan has been recognized by the YWCA for advancing the empowerment of women, by the Stakeholders as Volunteer of the Year, The Women’s Employment & Resource Center as a pearl of wisdom and empowerment and by The Capital Region Chamber of Commerce as a Women of Excellence.  

Elaine Houston

Elaine Houston

Elaine Houston is an award-winning journalist. She joined WNYT in January 1990.  Today, she’s the anchor of NewsChannel 13 Live at 5 and 5:30 as well as a reporter. Her stories have taken her to Washington, DC to cover the inauguration of President Donald Trump in 2017. She also covered candidate Trump in New York City on election night in November of 2016.

In 2017, Elaine was also in Washington, DC to cover the hundreds of thousands of women who rallied in the nation’s capital for the Women’s March on Washington in opposition to the proposals of President Donald Trump.  She won the Employee of the Month for her work in Washington D.C. In 2015 Elaine traveled to the White House where then President Barack Obama posthumously presented WW1 soldier Sgt. Henry Johnson the Medal of Honor. Elaine has traveled to Oklahoma to cover tornado damage and to Massachusetts in 2004 and Sen. John Kerry’s bid for the White House.  In 1999 Elaine traveled to Cuba and covered the protracted conflict over little Elian Gonzalez, as well as a day in the life of Havana’s Cuban citizens.

In 2017, Elaine was presented with the Community of Excellence Award by the College of St. Rose for work in the community. That same year, she was given an award by the New York State Broadcasters Association Award for a story in in her series, Today’s Women. In 2017, Elaine sponsored WOMEN; Turning the Corner, a women’s leadership and empowerment summit at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Albany. The sold-out event featured entrepreneurial workshops, guest speakers and a roundtable discussion providing tools for women to succeed.

JoDee Kenney

JoDee Kenney

JoDee Kenney has reported on all the major news stories in New York state since 2003 as a News Anchor for Spectrum News.

She is an award-winning journalist who has also reported avalanches in Alaska, wildfires in Nevada and from the Pentagon in the aftermath of 9/11. She has a master's in journalism specializing in social media from the University of Missouri and has bachelor's degree in journalism and public communications from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

JoDee enjoys producing her national podcast “Success with JoDee Kenney”. She also has a passion for working with women on their social media presence and holds seminars and conducts individual training. She is married to a chef and finds the most joy in life being a mom of her three children. Connect with her on your favorite social media site (she's on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest) or on her website 

Daniel Laiosa

Daniel Laiosa

Daniel Laiosa

Dan is our first Travel Coach/Expert at The Hammock Way of Life. Meet Dan: Daniel Laiosa is the founder & Chief Fun Officer of Get Busy Livin' Travel, a home based boutique travel agency located in Albany, NY. Get Busy Livin' Travel specializes in group travel, honeymoons, and custom built itineraries. He puts the client first, taking the time to get to know them to match them with the perfect travel experience. Daniel will be personally escorting small groups of individuals on two signature journey's planned for this year, the first in October is to Portugal in conjunction with National Geographic. The goal is to provide the excitement of exploring the world locally & globally in a low stress & effortless way. Daniel is a passionate wanderer, traveling over the last 15 years throughout Western Europe, the US and Asia and looks to expand that by helping others achieve their travel dreams. Dan organizes 2 local meet up groups, one for people who want to travel together locally & internationally & the other for people who appreciate drinking Craft Beer.

Nina Lockwood , Certified Transformative Coach

Nina Lockwood, Certified Transformative Coach

Nina Lockwood, MSW, HTP, is a Certified Transformative Coach and a graduate of Michael Neill's Supercoach Academy. She helps leaders, dreamers and visionaries have greater impact with more clarity and less stress. Nina has worked with businesses, hospitals, non-profits, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, artists and consultants. She teaches her clients how to develop the skills necessary to respond effectively to the challenges of professional and business life. This includes learning to embody the qualities of conscious leadership, develop emotional and psychological intelligence and live in alignment with one’s values, purpose and vision.  

Nina's coaching and training background emphasizes professional development, personal growth and helping others to be their best. She began her career in earnest as a psychotherapist but moved to the corporate world through corporate training, then management and subsequently, solopreneurship. After leaving the corporate world, Nina continued to incorporate decades of experience in consciousness, spirituality, psychology and energy medicine into her work with her clients. As an engaging speaker and practicing artist, Nina has a unique ability to inspire others to recognize new possibilities where none appear to exist. After decades of learning and teaching others techniques and strategies for improved performance and inspired action, Nina now shares a revolutionary insight-based approach which eliminates the “technique mentality” and makes it possible to easily tap into the natural resilience, wisdom and creativity that is hardwired into the human experience. Her clients learn to recognize the source of their experience, understand the potential of clarity of mind in increasing impact and reach, and they experience greater happiness, success and fulfillment as a result.

Faith Maus,  Life Coach

Faith Maus, Life Coach

Faith QM is an optimistic and empowering life coach who is an amazing guide to lead you to find your vision and teach you how to manifest the things you want and need in your life. 

Faith is grounded but believes in pursuing passions and dreams that help us to have a beautiful life and personal growth.
Faith loves to work with open-hearted women who positively love new adventures. Women like herself who have deep love for family, and this beautiful life, and want to make each moment count. Woman who Love and share their love who are seeking joy filled lives filled with confidence and power. 

Faith will coach you through every step of this incredible vision board creation experience. Let’s celebrate finding out your own unique magical path. 

Merci Miglino, PCC  Executive/Buisness Coaching, Communication Skill Training, Workplace Leadership and Team Developer

Merci Miglino, PCC Executive/Buisness Coaching, Communication Skill Training, Workplace Leadership and Team Developer

Merci Miglino offers a unique perspective and understanding of corporate (including hospitality, retail and event planning), legislative government operations and non-profit work cultures. As an executive leadership and business coach and trainer, Merci supports leaders and managers in creating a self managed workplace, communicating effectively, building and sustaining awesome teams, encouraging accountability and self-motivated employees.

She is especially adept at moving new managers to the higher levels of self-awareness needed to lead with both authority and collaboration. Her clients include Time Warner, Capital District Transportation District (CDTA), and Flight Centre International, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, ANA Airlines, and Genpact.

Merci draws from her well-rounded experience, coaching competencies and natural emotional intelligence to support executives in enhancing and sustaining leadership skills that drive results. She has managed the communication efforts of both houses of the NY Legislature where she was responsible for 400+ employees and served as senior staff for House Leaders. She also created and executed every facet of multi-million dollar political campaigns including organizing paid and volunteer staffs throughout New York State.

Merci has held diverse leadership and management positions in the NYS Assembly and Senate working with senior staff and high-ranking leadership coordinating with White House and Congressional Leaders.

Debbie Morello   Certified Hammock Way of Life Vision Board Coach

Debbie Morello
Certified Hammock Way of Life Vision Board Coach

Debbie Morello believes in the tremendous value of connecting with others, both at work and beyond. She recently wrote “The Power of Friends at Work”, a book exploring the value of relationships. 

Debbie is the principal owner of Morello & Associates, a training and consulting company on work relationships. She has an MBA from Binghamton University and is honored to hold Vice-President Emeritus status for Student & Economic Development from SUNY Broome.

Debbie received her certification as a Hammock Way of Life Vision Board coach in May 2019.

Evelyn Neale , Certified Teacher, Coach and DiSC Facilitator Successful Change, Inc.

Evelyn Neale, Certified Teacher, Coach and DiSC Facilitator Successful Change, Inc.

Evelyn Neale is an experienced and innovative leader with strong interpersonal and communication skills, exceptional problem solving abilities and strong organizational skills.

With her unique background and training Evelyn takes a holistic approach in supporting you to reach your goals. She has worked with individuals on growth and change, entrepreneurs and organizations on strategic planning, effective communication and healthy workplace culture.  She trains both virtually and in person. She is a Certified Teacher, Coach and DiSC Facilitator.


Kim Perone, Success Coach

When clarity, compassion, and contentment are present an inspired life is possible.

I am a personal strategist, philosopher, and champion for my clients. Modern life, and its complexity, requires a strategic approach to creating balance, success, and joy. Finding your best, most effective self is not only possible, but necessary in today’s world. Working with individuals to discover alignment, purpose, productivity, empowerment and success in their lives is my passion. My clients live more, love more, earn more and provide more to others when they grow, evolve, and awaken. I specialize in resilience, change, and adaptation, all of which led to my own inspired path. In 2014, I became a success coach after a 20 year career in communication, public relations, and community relations in the Capital Region. Through facilitation, guidance, resources, and perspective, my clients pave their own inspired path toward goals and aspirations. As co-founder of The Center for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment (Center4C) ~ a Wellness Center, I host my own programs and provide training onsite to companies, while offering shared space to wellness practitioners creating a place of peace and empowerment for individuals and groups.

Dr. Thomas Piccin,  Cognitive Psychologist

Dr. Thomas Piccin, Cognitive Psychologist

Dr. Thomas Piccin is a cognitive psychologist who has worked with business organizations, universities, and schools for more than 25 years as a teacher, trainer, speaker, workshop facilitator, and manager. He creates and conducts interactive workshops that help participants increase productivity, work more efficiently, communicate more effectively, work better as part of a team, embrace different personality types, understand and resolve language barriers, identify unconscious biases, improve memory, become better problem solvers, and make more thoughtful decisions. Through interactive discussions, collaborative exercises, and games, workshop participants actively explore key aspects of their own cognitive processes such as attention, perception, memory, intelligence, language, and personality.

A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with advanced degrees in psychology, linguistics, and management, and decades of experience as a project manager and team leader, Dr. Piccin offers a unique understanding of how people in the workplace think, learn, communicate, and process information.

Dr. Piccin is certified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a widely-respected personality assessment tool that he uses to help clients achieve greater success and foster deeper and healthier relationships in all areas of their lives through an understanding of different personality traits, learning preferences, and communication styles.

Catharine E. Potvin , Owner and President of Stragility, LLC

Catharine E. Potvin, Owner and President of Stragility, LLC

Catharine E. Potvin is Owner and President of Stragility, LLC, a woman-owned business that provides strategic business planning and execution services. Catharine and her team work with forward-thinking leaders to achieve traction in their organization by focusing on market research, strategic planning and talent solutions.

 With over two decades of strategic planning experience, and most importantly in-the-trenches business experience, Catharine is a trusted business partner on strategy, leadership, plan implementation and creating a culture of accountability.

 Catharine founded Stragility because she saw a need in an often times frantic, bottom-line driven business environment for the necessary mind-space to gain clarity. With clarity comes the ability to focus on the company vision and core strengths, hone-in on mission-critical objectives and take decisive actionable steps to accelerate goal attainment.

 Catharine and her team are regularly sought out by business owners and executive teams to advance their companies to the next level of achievement. Her energy, authenticity and healthy dose of humor sets her apart as well as her focused approach on achieving results.  Her unique and customizable methodology is applicable across industries and accommodates organizations of all sizes. 

 Catharine received a BA in English from Union College and a MS in Administration from University at Albany. She has been trained as a professional implementor in the EOS methodologies (from Traction) which she uses as a foundational tool for plan implementation and is a presenter/moderator for various organizations.

 One of Catharine’s priorities is being a valuable contributor to the community. She is Chairwoman for the Joseph W. Potvin Foundation which supports high school scholarships, sits on the Board of Directors for the Epilepsy Foundation for Northeaster NY and the Capital Region Chamber committees, participates in Special Olympics fundraising events, and is a Strategic Alliance Partner for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) of Albany as well as the strategic planning consultant for the EO Board. In her spare time she enjoys downhill skiing, golfing, running, traveling and spending time at her family’s summer home on Lake George with her husband, Matt, and wheaton terrier, Martini.  

Jennifer Regan, MBA

Jennifer Regan, MBA

Jennifer brings more than 20 years of experience as a seasoned business executive, marketer and strategist to help service organizations expand their reach. Known as a trusted advisor, approachable leader and innovative thought partner, Jennifer thrives at driving growth and solving business problems. She enjoys developing and executing strategic marketing plans to drive acquisition and retention.

With over 15 years of corporate marketing experience, Jennifer understands the importance of upstream planning before launching into marketing tactics that don’t move the needle.In addition to her marketing strategy and communications background, Jennifer has developed new products, built Voice of the Customer programs and helped increase consumer engagement in highly regulated and commoditized sectors.

Jennifer began her career as a management consultant with Ernst & Young and Deloitte & Touche. She has held senior leadership roles with health care and financial services organizations. She has a MBA in Marketing and a BA in English and History cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis.

Sue Shipe, Ph.D.,  Founder of The International Institute For Human Empowerment

Sue Shipe, Ph.D., Founder of The International Institute For Human Empowerment

Sue Shipe, PhD is an Integrative Coach specializing in spirituality, integrating unexplained phenomena, and finding and following your Spiritual Path. Coaching sessions may also include receiving a personal Message, Energy Work, and Hypnosis. She also teaches The New Message of Love which she received from Angelic Beings, as well as Opening to Channel.

Sue’s background includes becoming an ordained minister following a spiritual ordination, being a life-long Experiencer, and channeling the Teachers of Love for approximately 30 years, She is a graduate of The Capital Region Chamber’s Entrepreneur Boot Camp. Sue studied Barbara Brennan methods for healing through the human energy field. Her published books include Celebrate Diversity!, United We Stand, Invitation to Love, and Journey to Love. The Healing Journey is still being received. Dr. Shipe, Founder of the New World Empowerment Center, is offering a path to the ministry through a 2-year program for Ordination as a New World Empowerment Minister.

For more information, or to make an appointment, call 518 393–9491.



Helene Verdile is a Spiritual, Success & Life Transition Coach, who applies an integrative approach of positive psychology, spirituality, and mindfulness-based methods to help her clients achieve joy and fulfillment in their lives.

Her multi-dimensional approach has helped many people to make positive, meaningful adjustments in all stages of their lives to gain the meaning and purpose they have been seeking. Helene specializes in helping her clients rewire their mindset from one of anxiety, chaos and outdated beliefs that no longer serve them, to one of authenticity and peace so that they may experience more joy and abundance in their lives. As co-founder of The Center for Clarity, Compassion and Contentment, she is looking forward to enriching the lives of women, young adults, and their families by guiding them to create a positive shift in their lives. Helene has been as avid student of hope, resilience, spirituality, perspective, positive psychology and has used this approach to enable people to move forward toward the life they most want – one filled with vibrancy, joy emotional wellness and purpose.

Miranda Von Fricken,  Certified Life Coach | Seasoned Career Coach | Mastermind Leader | Keynote Speaker

Miranda Von Fricken, Certified Life Coach | Seasoned Career Coach | Mastermind Leader | Keynote Speaker

Passionate about all things personal and professional development; Miranda has been coaching individuals and groups for over 10 years. She creates and conducts workshops on leadership, finding life/career passion, increasing confidence, goal achievement, mindset wellness,and so much more. She's the leader of multiple Mastermind groups, host of Albany’s #LinkedInLocal, and a speaker/contributor in multiple books, blogs, and podcasts on topics such as motivation, success, leadership and career development.

Miranda is a certified life coach and has a Master’s degree in Motivation and Professional Development. She’s known as the local motivation guru! Her mission is to help guide people towards their best life possible, both professionally and personally. She’s a wife, a mom, and positive force in the community.

Bernadette Willis

Bernadette Willis

Bernadette is a speaker, coach, aspiring author and Human Service professional. She has worked as a counselor for over 20 years in her professional life. She was strategically assigned the most challenged clients because of her ability to empower and Inspire positive results for them. Mothers with the goals of getting their children back, and out of foster care, got their children back! Formerly incarcerated individuals with a goal of getting a job, keeping it, and paying their court fees, got the job, kept the job, and paid their court fees! Youth determined to not hit their special education teacher anymore did not hit their teacher anymore while working with Bernadette. At work Bernadette was often called upon for the de-escalating the most challenging crisis, but believes that preventing them through strategic planning, active listening , partnerships,  and empathy is best.