Bernadette Willis


About Bernadette...

Bernadette is a speaker, coach, aspiring author and Human Service professional. She grew up in poverty, was neglected by her family due to the drug addiction lifestyle, was often homeless, and later became a teenage single mother. Throughout her life she was exposed to many social service providers. To survive Bernadette and her infant daughter became residence of MOMMA HOUSE, a home for unwed mothers on Long Island New York where she is from. Due to the teaching and support of that nonprofit agency, Bernadette was able to break the cycle of poverty through higher education and practicing spirituality. Her speaking career began over 20 years ago when contacted by the executive director of MOMMA HOUSE to speak at a fundraiser. Do to her healing and empowering words she was asked to speak at other events on Long Island and Anonymous donations began pouring in. Word of Mouth made it to Albany, New York where Bernadette and her young adult daughter now lives. Soon Bernadette was speaking at YMCA's , aYMCA's alcohol- addiction treatment centers, HIV AIDS organizations, youth programs, domestic violence groups and all types of religious events throughout New York State.
Bernadette has worked as a counselor for over 20 years in her professional life. She was strategically assigned the most challenged clients because of her ability to empower and Inspire positive results for them. Mothers with the goals of getting their children back, and out of foster care, got their children back! Formerly incarcerated individuals with a goal of getting a job, keeping it, and paying their court fees, got the job, kept the job, and paid their court fees! Youth determined to not hit their special education teacher anymore did not hit their teacher anymore while working with Bernadette. At work Bernadette was often called upon for the escalating the most challenging crisis, but believes that preventing them through strategic planning, active listening , partnerships,  and empathy is best. Affectionately nick named MsB, by her clients and peers, she is now transferring her strategic planning, active listening, and empowering skills as a life coach. You may not be in Dire Straits, and you don't have to be, to make your life better through goAl completion. Her memoir Debra's Daughter will be out spring 2018. Hire MsB  for your speaking and personal coaching needs. 

Her message is clear.